I no longer save phone numbers.
I require them for verification.

The CLOUD Act was passed recently, so I decided to no longer keep
phone numbers saved in my safeoffice. More about the bill here:


I only keep your name & hobby email now for future reference.


Your privacy is important, your info will never be shared, etc. I know you've seen it before on other websites, and it's true. We respect our clientele's privacy!

However, I'm going to go a bit more in depth with my approach to privacy.


I highly recommend ProtonMail!

Emails are instantly end-to-end encrypted when I receive emails from other ProtonMail users. This means that only the recipient and I can read our messages. Third parties can't see or read our emails.

When I receive emails from non-Protonmail users, the first email they send me won't be end-to-end crypted since their provider (Gmail, Hotmail, etc) can also see our email. Now, to make our email end-to-end encrypted, I'll respond with an encrypted email that can only be opened with a password that I created. Password hint will be available.

Note: non-Protonmail users will not be asked to download any other software upon receiving the encrypted email. The email will also be automatically deleted after 28 days.

When I send an email to non-Protonmail users, it can be end-to-end encrypted when I encrypt it with a password.

I get ecstatic when new friends email me from Protonmail accounts!


SafeOffice is encrypted and hosted offshore in Cyprus. I use it for my schedule when keeping track of appointments, tours, etc. I use both my SafeOffice email & ProtonMail since they are both highly secure!


My form is safely encrypted for your sensitive info!

All of your submitted information is for my eyes only.

JotForm stated: We respect the privacy of our users and the privacy of their client data. All user information contained within the forms users may build on the JotForm Site are governed by our Terms of Service. Users retain all rights to their data. We will not sell, share data. We will not access their data for non-administrative reasons.


Note: Be sure that you and your recipient have the latest version of WhatsApp to have instant end-to-end encryption!

I provide my number after the verification process.

Only you and I can see our conversation. Photos, messages, videos, etc. will be secured with end-to-end encryption. Third parties and even WhatsApp won't have access to everything we sent or read.

I adore my international friends since this our method of text communication.


Your info is needed to verify that you're not a threat; furthermore, as a female, I'm more prone to violence, rape, etc.

There's info about me online to show you what I look like, who I am, etc. So, if you email me trying to book without proper information, then I'm just reading it thinking, "Who are you?"

Non-disclosure form is also available.