Excerpts from my fan fiction. No explicit details.
I appreciate friends that speak highly of me; however, our encounter can also be our secret.


total package

"Phoenixx is great provider who is very outgoing and makes you feel like you have known each other for years. Her beauty is without saying. Her pics are accurate. Great body, long legs. She is a total package like described in her reviews. " - J

delightful in conversation

"All I can say is wow. Phoenixx has a way of making you immediately comfortable and feeling like you are seasoned lovers instead of only recent acquaintances. I booked two hours and glad I did as she is intelligent, well educated and travelled and delightful in conversation." -A



young, but mature

"Her beauty goes far beyond her face, eyes, infectious smile and great body; she has a very outgoing personality, is conversant in many subjects, possess a great sense of humor and, even though she is in her 20’s, has the ability to relate to those of us who are “more mature” from an age perspective." - J


a goddamn goddess

"She looked exactly as she did in her photos: Phoenixx is lithe with a super-cute booty (not too big, not too small -- just right) and near-perfect perky little boobs. Her skin is soft and silky and cafe-au-lait colored. Simply put, Phoenixx is a goddamn goddess." - B

Basically, I'm the total package who's young but mature & delightful in conversation with the aesthetics of a goddamn goddess!

It's always best to meet a provider for yourself to have your OWN judgement.

FYI, there are two fake reviews on my The Erotic Review page.