I don't hog the sheets, I don't kick/move around unconscious, etc. So, waking up next to me is a breeze!

12 Hours!

First of all, I'm pleased that you want to spend a generous amount of time with me! We'll have fun. Don't worry!

Time will go by quickly since you'll adore me. Upon meeting me, you'll notice quickly that I'm silly. I'll always be smiling and giggling a lot. I'm naturally a bubbly person. My down-to-earth nature makes it's easy for people to be comfortable around me. Oh, and I'm a hugger. I'll probably hug you the second we meet. Hope I don't give off a creeper vibe! 

We'll probably do the typical dinner, drinks and then run fast for a private dessert. If you have a taste for the tall, slender types, then be prepared to have your taste senses amplified! Once it's just you and I, I'll slip into some lingerie. The moment you see my slender, yet shapely frame along with my long legs, you'll be thinking it's all a dream. 

No honey, it's real! Real time. Really happening! Things will really be picking up real quick once I pop us some champagne to go with our dessert!

it's only 10pm 

No worries!

If the dessert doesn't make us lethargic afterwards, then I'm up for cuddling with either music or a movie playing. I'll also be up for some conversation especially if it's a topic that we're both interested in. Hey, you might teach me something new. You never know! :)

your well-being will thank you!

An overnight stay in Phoenixx can be very beneficial to your health and well-being! Travelers have said that they felt a huge sense of comfort since the environment felt purely natural; furthermore, travelers said the open-minded aura of Phoenixx helped them be themselves. The destination is also a great natural anti-depressant too because of the humor and quirks. Tourists who haven't traveled in years, cherished their stay. The incredibly beautiful environment of Phoenixx helped them see the beauty of traveling again!

The possibilities are endless...

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