New Orleans Luxury



Quirky & noble by nature. Ebony temptress with German heritage.

I stand 5’8 tall with long-flowing raven hair and a slim physique curved in all the right places. 

My down-to-earth aura will relax you, and my beauty will keep you tempted. When we’re together, my attention will mainly be on you. 

Let me be your luxury guide as we visit one of the many offbeat venues New Orleans has to offer. I’m also a great conversationalist over drinks during dinner. Discretion is granted to all respectful clientele.

Delve into my divine realm of leisure.



NOLA Elite


The Physical



Body Type: Slender
Height: 5'8"
Weight: 135 lbs.
Vitals: 35-25-35
Eye Color: Brown
Hair Color: Varies
Tattoos: None
Smokes: No



The Mental



Intuitive; feels deeper than others

Young & Impressionable

Down-to-earth aura

Sweet & Genuine

Witty & Funny



Curious? Just ask!

Why this profession?

I'm saving up for my final year at school. Marketing major. It's all working out well! I haven't been in this for long, but I have definitely learned a lot about myself, the people I meet, the people I've healed, the people I've helped out of misery, etc. In my young life, none of my previous jobs had ever made such an impact on others & my environment. I feel nothing but gratitude.

With the recent changes and all, I also feel like my colleagues and I are making history in a way. The way that most of us came together during that monstrous domino effect proved that we're invincible even when our resources are scarce. So, while they (authority) talk of fighting us, we silently keep fighting them back.

It's nice belonging to a group of individuals who are unstoppable, really.


Look, I like to give a good first impression with no false pretenses. I'll try my best to be on time and upon meeting me, if you're feeling nervous, you won't feel that. My laid back attitude will help you relax for sure. I'll be interested in getting to know you more. I enjoy seeing my clients and others as people I can connect with. That's important to me. Then, I'll dress up in some eye-catching attire known to cause reactions.

Laughter will definitely be shared too. Sense of humor is a must! :)

What is the best way to contact you?

Email is preferred!


I'm based in The Big Easy, and there's so many venues to get lost in.

  Photo courtesy of  Perform America-TX, LLC

Photo courtesy of Perform America-TX, LLC

Let's go on a tour to find out why it's called The Big Easy. 


All of my photos, tours, & other goodies are locked for security.


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I write about topics ranging from adult marketing to Switter to online anonymity, etc. Certain things interest, so I feel a desire to write about it! I'll talk about personal things too, but nothing melodramatic or overly depressing. Not here!



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