He who asks a question is a fool for five minutes; he who does not ask a question remains a fool forever.
— Chinese Proverb

Where are you based? Do you ever visit (insert your city)?

I'm in New Orleans! I'm able to travel (with advance notice, of course!) nationally and internationally. So, feel free to either come to The Big Easy or fly me to see you.

What's your availability?

I'm available every day from the afternoon until midnight!

If I'm not available, I make it known with my Announcement Bar that's on top of every page.

Are your photos real?

Yes. The photos are from various photo shoots and occasional selfies. They're all mine, and they are current!

How should I give you your ticket?

Put it in an unsealed envelope and placed on the bathroom sink, table, or dresser. If we meet in public, it should be discreetly given in a book, card, or small gift bag. I expect this to be given at the beginning of our time together. Please do not make me ask for it.

Can I meet you before scheduling an appointment?

No. Screening is required for my safety, and it takes time! However, the more information you provide, the quicker the screening goes.

Do you need a lot of notice?

The more notice, the better! Screening and getting ready takes time. So, it's great if I have 24-hour notice at least, but I'm available for same day meetings if I'm not busy. Same day screening goes way quicker when you provide me with the proper screening information!

Keep in mind that I'll give a 24 hour notice when something comes up. I expect the same courtesy from you.

What do you expect of your clientele?

I prefer them to be 30 years old or older, generous and well-mannered. If they're under 30 years old, that's fine. The key element is that they're respectful! Humor and friendliness is highly welcomed as well.

I do not discriminate against ethnic backgrounds, age, gender, disabilities, body type, etc.

How do you choose men that you will see and which you will not?

I respond to serious inquiries, and I have a high preference for men who want companionship. If I sense a time waster, or even worse, someone intoxicated, I quickly terminate all communication.

How come you haven't responded to my inquiry within in the last 24 hours?

It was either vague, explicit or missing information.

Are you discreet?

Your privacy is important to me. I would appreciate the same from you as well. When a client wants to stay in touch, that's when I keep information.

Are you GFE?

Totally, definite GFE. My GFE isn't just kissing and intimacy. It's an encounter where I'm centered around getting to know my clients, so that I can give them an experience specifically tailored for their desires.


What is the best way to contact you?

Email is the easiest. WhatsApp is second. I prefer WhatsApp for texting since it’s encrypted.

Are there any special discounts?

Current discount is for my Twitter followers and clients who have a Twitter account. General guidelines for Twitter discount:

  • Must be an active account
  • I will ask you to message me to verify that it's your account

TER members also get a special incentive. Please email me for more details.

Note: You can't use two discounts at once. So, if you're eligible for both, please pick one! Thank you.

Do you turn down clients?

Yes. I'm not for everyone, and everyone is not for me. I can be quite selective.

Outcall or incall?

Outcalls until further notice.

Are you available for travel?

Yes, both domestically and internationally! 24-hour advance notice needed for domestic travel, and a 72-hour notice for international travel. Packages are available if interested!

I have only been to one country so far, Belize. I enjoy travelling, and I would love to go to other places as well! Dubai, Amsterdam, Tokyo are at the top of my list.

What can I expect on a date with you?

I try my absolute best to be on time. I take my ticket first, and I don't watch the clock. I'll be dressed casually, but I'm open to special requests. I love to dress up! An interesting conversation will occur since I enjoy us getting to know each other. I'm bubbly, silly, and I'm always laughing. I'm laid back. I want us to be comfortable and enjoy each other's company.

Why escorting?

I've thought about this ever since I legally became an adult, and now I feel confident enough to pursue it. Sexuality has always been an interest of mine since I was young. The flexibility of being an independent such as choosing my own clients and having my own profits make it appealing. I have the pleasure of meeting new people and discovering new environments everyday. I enjoy the feeling of being desired. The workers in this industry are unique, yet we all have something beneficial to provide. The thrill and risk within this job excites me as well.

Now, I'm aware that this profession comes with another price. The main cons are loneliness, alienation and stigmatization. There are days where I literally feel like I have no one because only a few of my friends know my side gig. I'm conscious of certain people not associating with me based on what I do. Numerous people think this job is cake work. We look pretty, we lay on our backs, and then on to the next one. False. This is a job, and I have my days where I'm complaining and not wanting to get out of bed just like any other job.

However, I don't plan on doing this for the rest of my life. I'm saving up for my final semester at college so that I can get a profitable career when I graduate.