YesBackpage is a FRAUD

YesBackpage is Backpage Credits is hosted right here in the USA & owned by a den of thieves!

YesBackpage & Backpage Credits

Backpagecredits and Bitcoin4backpage are obviously the same company/owner. The company apparently doesn’t exist. The websites are unsafe and unsecured (one does have a SSL certificate) with PCI violations. The company is operating illegally.
— YesBackpage was created by Backpagecredits

That looks a bit familiar...

Backpage is NOT Coming Back

YesBackpage is run by the owners of Backpage Credits, and they were notorious for scamming and also being flat out repulsive to sex workers. Don't believe me? Keep reading.

We are one of you, my ass!

This is Risa Jenner, and she's the main culprit behind Backpage Credits. She attempts to say that YesBackpage is SW run. Pictured above via Twitter. 

I purchased credits on that site too. Never received the credits. I emailed and emailed... no response. Finally, I sent an email saying that if I didn’t hear a response, I would file a complaint with the BBB. Finally, I received a string of obscene emails from the guy. He told me to ‘### off’, ‘no one cares about what you have to say’, called me a hooker and a ###.
— Complaint by Monteto via Complaints Board

It's not SW run. It's just Jenner & her entourage trying to get SWs so ecstatic about Backpage coming back as a way to keep SWs from seeing who's really behind this scheme. 

 Backpage credits help desk was affiliated with you. Stop.

Backpage credits help desk was affiliated with you. Stop.

Backpage Credits Help Desk

Backpage Credits Help Desk's customer service was vile as fuck to SWs, and Jenner tries her absolute hardest via Twitter to prove that she wasn't a part of it. 


Images courtesy of Complaints Board

Looking at the images above is proof of Backpage Credits Help Desk being rude and derogatory towards an SW who was trying to get her funds resolved.

finally got an answer got them riled up when I called them a dumbass. still never got my credits nor did they gift me back my Amazon card. DO NOT USE THIS WEBSITE! (even if they came from BP themselves).
— Complaint by vquinn via Report Scam

Backpage Credits Help Desk Does It Again...

"they redeemed my $25 amazon card and never credit my account. tried to get in touch with them many times and i got no reply. so i sent a last angry email and got this lovely response. lmao. he got triggered. DO NOT TRUST BACKPAGECREDITS.COM!!!"

YesBackpage is Not Our Friend has been a domain since 2016, but it's just now being released as a BP alternative.

Jenner tries to empathize with SWs via Twitter to get them to promote her fraudulent website.

She doesn't care about helping SWs. She cares about profiting as much as she possibly can with a BP alternative.

A Great Alternative --  Crockor

 Crockor Classifieds

Crockor Classifieds

Link: Crockor USA Classifieds

Crockor is SW created & owned. It's free to post, but users can purchase tokens for add-ons.

Crockor is free and eventually in the future, they want to provide SWs with help.

It's getting higher & higher on Alexa everyday. 

Crockor wants to help SWs. Not just make money off of them.

The more attention SWs give Crockor, the more clients will become aware of it!