Escorts on Social Media

It's no doubt that social media has made an impact in today's world. It's also great for businesses; furthermore, as an escort, you are a business! We're literally entrepreneurs who are risk-takers in search of profit. Twitter is a social media site used by millions globally. Twitter is the popular choice with adult entertainers since it is more lenient towards adult-oriented content. Escorts advertising via Twitter is on the rise.

Twitter Pros & Cons


  • Free
  • Clients have more insight about you and your interests
  • Clients can see how you interact with others
  • Learn more about the industry from others in the industry
  • Clients get to see more of our perspective of the industry. 
  • Clients can interact with you when you make polls. (engaging with your audience is vital)
  • Escorts can support each other via Twitter by: 
    • Commenting/liking other escort's posts
    • Retweet, retweet, retweet! 


  • Guys looking to chat, time wasters, etc.
  • Being consistent with posting new content
  • Occasional drama within the community
  • Outsiders who try to put us down
  • Occasional hurtful daily trends. Past examples, #QuestionsForAProstitute, #GoodMenDontBuySex, etc. 
  • Escorts can't use Twitter Ads to promote their business

Please don’t let the cons scare you off. We’re a strong community, and we are not leaving the Twitter community any time soon!

Twitter Ads

Posting an ad on Twitter is simple! Here are some general guidelines:

  • A catchy or witty headline
  • 3-4 sexy photos
  • Link to your website
  • Hashtags. They help your ad trend. Use hashtags that related to your location, the terms you like to call yourself (escort, companion, etc), incall/outcall, etc. Example hashtags I use are:
    • #NewOrleansEscort, #GFE, #EbonyEscort, #Outcall
    • Common hashtags: #escort, #companion, #elitecompanion, #gfe, #pse, #flymetoyou, etc.
  • Finally, mention Twitter pages that promote. Promo pages retweet your ad to gain more visibility. This helps get more reach and impressions. 
    • If you have a PAID advertisement with certain escort directories, they usually will promote you as well when you mention them. (sometimes they don’t)
  • Post an ad about once a week if you can!

Twitter Directories

If you’re looking to gain more followers, Twitter has directories where you can submit your profile. It’s similar to submitting a business listing. This website has a list of useful Twitter directories:

Twitter Tools Books - Twitter Directories


Social media can be a beneficial marketing tool! Escorts should definitely use social media websites such as Twitter to maximize their business.