Preferred 411 Alternatives

This page was last updated on August 6, 2018.

P411 Escort Alternatives

Preferred 411 is a popular & reputable verification service in our community; however, since FOSTA passed, they closed off new applications for both escorts & clients.

Escort & Client Verification Sites

Don't worry! It's not the end of the world if you're not on P411.

PrivateDelights, Have We Met?, and SPAICE are great alternatives to use for both escort & client verification purposes.

Private Delights


 Screenshot of Private Delights home page

Screenshot of Private Delights home page

Private Delights has an interface very similar to NightShift. The creators even said they based the website off of NightShift after it shutdown.


Private Delights is hosted offshore & the owners live in Europe. 


When escorts sign up, they can either verify their age with their P411 credentials OR submit an ID. 

Escorts can also receive reviews, and clients aren't allowed to get explicit or graphic with details. Escorts can respond to reviews as well. 

 Providers will also receive a 'Verified Provider' status.

Providers will also receive a 'Verified Provider' status.


Clients can submit their screening information via Private Delights when they go to a provider's listing. There will be a button that says Get Screened. Providers will receive the client's handle and their phone number; furthermore, providers can go on to the client's page to see their reviews of previous providers for more screening. 


Personally, I like it. I just wish it were more popular in my area, but c'est la vie!

Note: If you're a NOLA or Louisiana based provider waiting to get verified on PrivateDelights, please email me for a vouch! I'll help you get you listed ASAP!




 Have We Met's logo

Have We Met's logo

Have We Met is a provider created & owned escort/client verification website. 


HWM's forte is a simple questionnaire that both a client & escort answer after their date has commenced. 


Providers & clients can look at each other's profiles to look at past questionnaires from previous dates to screen.

Providers & clients will have a Verified emblem on their profile when they've been verified after an encounter. Clients will have a list of past providers they've verified & providers will have a list of clients who have verified them on their profile. 


HWM has a strict photo policy. No lingerie, no bikini or any other images that can be perceived sexual.


I wish this were more popular. It's free to use, ads are free, provider run, no IDs, and work safe. What more safety could you ask for in a website during times like this?!




SPAICE stands for Share Adult Information Content Exchange. It's hosted offshore, they're provider friendly and huge on internet privacy.



Clients can screen providers on their reviews and providers can screen clients from reviews they've written. 

Providers are allowed to comment on their reviews & they're allowed to dispute any false reviews as well.


SPAICE encourages members to sign up with an encrypted email and to use a VPN while browsing the site.

SPAICE also mentions that they do not read their member's private messages and whatnot. 

Privacy is respected at SPAICE.


Ads are free for providers on SPAICE.

 Example ad from SPAICE

Example ad from SPAICE


One More Thing...

After ECCIE's epic move today and P411 no longer accepting new applications, use the options above for verification. 

Our community is rapidly changing after the new laws. Not only is it changing, it's also progressing! It's time we move on to new venues that are provider run & provider friendly.