KittyAds Backpage Wannabe

Another Scam Email

KittyAds magically appeared in many provider's email inboxes a few days ago. Only to discover that KittyAds is another Backpage Wannabe. 



Kittyads scam reputation was purchased last month. So, a fresh domain is going to be suspicious. 

KittyAds has fake international addresses for the Netherlands and Israel. 

I discuss the address verification later in this post.

new backpage

KittyAds is another Backpage wannabe that wants King BP's crown. 

 Yes, Backpage is gone indeed. So, let the king rest in peace!

Yes, Backpage is gone indeed. So, let the king rest in peace!


KittyAds email had a bogus address. I verified it through some address verification website that use API to determine a location's accuracy.

KittyAds had no accuracy.

Streetlayer Address Verification

Streetlayer is a reputable website to verify a physical address!

 KittyAds FAKE Amsterdam Address

KittyAds FAKE Amsterdam Address

Address Verification

I put in their Amsterdam business address in the picture above, and here what the results were...



Unsure Physical Address

That must be code word for FAKE! It gets better! Their locality as false, region was false, postal code was false, etc.

Get it together, KittyAds. Damn.


Another Fake Business Address

KittyAds has another address listed on their Contact page. The address is in Israel. 

KittyAds second false business address

Let's verify this one too!

Verifying KittyAds Israel address

Let's Make a Bet...

 KittyAds Tel Aviv bogus address is  not verified!

KittyAds Tel Aviv bogus address is not verified!

Israel is Not Verified

Oh dear... Look below for more false info regarding their Tel Aviv address.

 The postal code was true. I'll give them a few points of effort for that tho

The postal code was true. I'll give them a few points of effort for that tho

KittyAds is a Scraper Site

KittyAds scraped ads from AdultSearch because they scraped mine! I emailed them, but I'll have to make a DMCA soon since KittyAds is already proving to be dishonest!


KittyAds scrapes, scrapes, scrapes!

Sipsap profiles scraped

KittyAds scraped my SipSap profile was well. ugh

no response & My Info Is Still Up

So, they're whole 'contact us' to remove an ad doesn't work for this bogus company! File a DMCA...

KittyAds is NOT Offshore

That website is American as hell. Moving on...

KittyAds is NOT Free

After they scrape our ads, and present us with false addresses and spam emails, they have the audacity to charge us for ads!


(is my response to their nonsense)

KittyAds & AdultSearch

So, KittyAds charges a one-time $10 fee for clasifieds ads.

KittyAds is not free. Escorts have to pay a one-time $10 fee when posting classifieds.

KittyAds Wants Backpage's Crown

These amateur advertising websites that desperately want BP's global fame, will never get it.

Backpage left an ugly image in many people's heads regarding human trafficking. 


BackPage Will Always Be King

Backpage endured many major legal lawsuits, and they fought hard to keep the government out of their business. Backpage also encountered neverending taunts & insults from the general public. 

I mean, they were even nicknamed Village Voice Pimps. (parody on BP's leading company Village Voice Media)

Yet, BP kept it moving.

Backpage Shut Down Haters

Backpage shut down an ignorant Sheriff who tried to censor their adult section. BP fired back that this idiot was using his legal authority to censor their adult advertisements. 

Lacey (one owner of BP), actually cared about doing good journalism. He’s the kind of guy who likes saying fuck you to people in power.
— former Village Voice Media employee

Backpage won the case.

Backpage Forever Supreme Ruler

These new Backpage wannabes have no damn clue the amount of determination BP put out to keep the government from censoring their website. 

Carl Ferrer Against Congress

Let's not forget Carl Ferrer's epic scene when he would become the first person in 20 years to be in contempt of Congress.

  Good for him.

Good for him.

A fierce standard-bearer in the war over online free speech, wrapping its business model in the First Amendment to fend off enemies in law enforcement and government.
— Bloomberg Businessweek detailing Backpage's bravery

Public Praise


So.... Once one of you BP Wannabes gets a honorary quote dedicated to you about your achievement towards fighting against censorship, then feel free to call yourself the new Backpage!

(spoiler: you won't)