FOSTA Sex Worker Survival Kit

FOSTA Devastation

Sex workers across the USA are feeling the negative effects of the impact from the new legislation. 

Budgeting & Protecting Yourself

I have a few resources ranging from advertising to screening to finances. 

My guide should be used as one helpful source to getting through these tough times.

Note: Please don't take it as the holy grail of escaping the wrath of FOSTA.


No judgements given to the escorts who have already handed over their verification information to AdultSearch. I'm just warning other escorts to please be very careful with who you give your sensitive info to. 

FREE Escort Advertising Websites

This list is a mixture of escort directories along with review boards and social media networks.

Escort Classifieds


Backpage clone. Highly ranked on Alexa, and I've personally gotten business from it




Crockor Classifieds

Crockor has future plans to provide more than just advertising to sex workers: More Reasons to Support Crockor!


  • Waiting for verification?  PLEASE EMAIL ME FOR A VOUCH!
  • Post a listing for your city
  • Post free multiple listings for several cities if you're touring!
  • 'Available Now' icon for your listing that stays on for 4 hours
  • More reasons why PrivateDelights is awesome


Not necessarily free, but low cost at $1/day along with incentives!

Escort Directory's Classified Ads

World Escort Guide's Classified Ads

  • Get seen on their homepage for daily visitors when you post a new daily ad!
  • Your classified will be promoted on their Twitter as well - more exposure!

Harlot Hub

Social Media



Here's how to post market yourself on Twitter: Social Media Escorts

Escort Directories

Escort Directory

  • This website is the second place I get clients from. Eros is number one, of course...
  • They also have a 'Status' message thingy on your dashboard when you login. Utilize this source to the best of your advantage.
    • Post anything! Be sexy, creative, or random! When you post a status, you'll be seen on the bottom of the homepage along with other escorts, and this will garner many profile views and even potential suitors!
  • When you purchase a VIP ad while you're touring another city, your VIP ad will also be on the top of your touring city's list along with being at the top of your base city too.

Escort Ads & Escort State

  • They always have monthly deals for escorts purchasing upgrades.
  • They'll promote your ad on their Twitter for more exposure!

Escort Galleries

  • A nice big advertisement with all of your details!
  • You can link another provider's profile to yours as a duo partner. Pretty damn cool. It's like you're helping each other out with advertising hehe x
  • Their verification system requires NO government identification or other sensitive info
  • Their Best Choice Escort upgrade is low cost & affordable along with their homepage upgrade.
  • Yes, I have gotten a few inquiries from this website!

Top Escort Babes


Review Boards


  • If you're an escort still waiting to be verified, PLEASE EMAIL ME FOR A VOUCH! I've already gotten numerous providers listed, and I want to continue that streak because this platform has serious potential! 
  • NightShift clone. Offshore hosted. Popular in Cali, but gaining steady momentum nationwide!
  • Provider friendly
  • Providers can turn on an 'Available Now' on their listing that will stay up for 4 hours.
  • Providers can post free multiple listings in multiple areas for tours.
  • All of my PrivateDelights blog posts


Popular in Washington & Oregon, and has nationwide ads!

ECCIE (monthly provider payments coming soon)

  • Texas, Oklahoma, Louisiana, Arkansas, Alabama, Missouri
  • Bio Page that includes photos, rates and other details about the provider.
  • Undergoing future upgrade...
    • Providers are strongly encouraged to email their suggestions of what needs to be improved!

Our Home 2

  • ECCIE refugee camp
  • Free daily ads!
  • Certain cities have their own daily photo board for providers to post a daily sexy photo. Again, more exposure!


Tennessee, Alabama, Georgia, Kentucky and other southern states


New York, New Jersey, Connecticut, Massachusetts




Ohio, Indiana, Iowa and Pennsylvania

The Other Board

  • Colorado
  • Post a free listing for your area! You never know who's watching...

The Future Main Escort Advertising Website

(currently in beta in Australia and the Asia Pacific)

    Sign up now   to be alerted for early registration for USA beta testing!

Sign up now to be alerted for early registration for USA beta testing!

Tryst was developed by the creators of Switter! 

Low-cost escort advertising platform that'll have beautifully designed escort ads and escort friendly resources such as lawyers, photographers, etc.

Tryst's Beta Launch Slideshow

How Tryst Will Revolutionize Digital Escorting:'s Beta Launch

Escort Client Verification Websites


Escort & client verification services that are low-cost & affordable.

  • Clients are verified with their government issued IDs when they sign up.
  • Escorts have the option to verify with IDs.
  • Escorts can post ads along with VIP upgrades that get their ad on the homepage.
  • Escorts have a Provider Portal and they have a global blacklist as well as personal blacklist for themselves. 
  • Escorts can use GFEDating as one screening tool. 
  • GFEDating will promote you on their Twitter! Again, more exposure.

Have We Met? 

Provider created client escort verification website where both parties verify each other based on a quick & simple non-invasive questionnaire survey.

Escort SEO Websites

Escort SEO Checklist 

My post on how to improve your website's visibility within search engines!

My SEO skills at work! First page results. 

Escort Payments

  • Create virtual prepaid cards with a pseudonym along with a custom transaction to hide your adult transactions from your bank
  • How to Use Privacy


Similar to Privacy!

Visa AAA Travel Advantage Card

  • Reloadable anywhere
  • Easy currency access if you're traveling worldwide
  • Accepted globally

Escort-Ads Online Payment Solution

Escort Ad's blog post about another payment alternative for adult-oriented expenses!

Helpful Escort Resources

Social media, forums, and other websites that can provide escorts with help or guidance from other escorts in the community.

Reddit's Sex Worker's Only subreddit


Fairy Whore Mother

Sarah 2 Cents 

The Complete Guide to Escorting

Escort & Client Screening

$9/Monthly Full Background Check

Former escort with a low cost alternative for screening. 

Screening Methods 

Providers, please email me for the password to this page if you're interested in learning more ways to screen and stay safe! 

Touring Insight

The Best Time to Tour: After September 9th

(the kids will be busy with school, so there will be more freedom to sneak away. also, i just luv the month of September in general ha)


This provider friendly platform offers guides on provider friendly hotels along with cities that are best to tour based on a numeric rating system of 1 - 10: 

  • If the city is really grotesque, it will get a negative rating!
  • 1 being a dreadful tour, and 10 being an excellent money-making tour.

Again, please email me for a vouch if you're a provider looking to join SafeOffice!

FOSTA Internet Privacy

Virtual Private Network (VPNS) - protect your location and IP address with a VPN!

ProtonVPN - ProtonMail's VPN. I loved it! However, they don't have a version for my shitty Chromebook. (Yo, don't ever buy a Chromebook. Inability to install ANYTHING!)

Just Proxy - $2/year. Yes, you read that correctly. 





  • If you appreciate your privacy regarding online purchases, don't even bother. They asked me for my ID after I paid with a virtual prepaid card. I quickly cancelled that sub!
  • Website:

Copyright Your Content

Copyrighted - Free plan to copyright your entire website. 

  • Upgrade is only $10/month! Copyright your web pages, images, blog posts, and other digitally created forms of work.
  • Website:

Offshore Escort Website Hosts

Escort Website Builders

Adult Friendly Web Hosts

Orange Website

Vice Temple