ECCIE Relaunch

This page was last updated December 19, 2018.


ECCIE suspended.

NOTE: To all the independent escorts, shit might look scary as more & more venues close; however, please develop your own website & know that individual promoters are indirectly exempt from FOSTA.

ECCIE is Back

UPDATE: ECCIE has ceased operations until further notice…

June 16, 2018 - december 17, 2018

ECCIE shut down following the passing of FOSTA, but they did some cleaning up. ECCIE relaunched in early June.

The infamous joke.

The infamous joke.

ECCIE's New Rules


Words such as provider and hobbyist aren't allowed. 

Advertisers cannot use deviant acronyms in their ads.

Upgraded Female Accounts

Ladies! You are no longer Verified Providers. You are now the prime owner of a Upgraded Female Account! 

No more showcases! Bios are now your base of info and pictures.

No signatures. 

There will be a monthly pay for providers on ECCIE. The price and such hasn't been announced yet...


No more reviews. ECCIE is now a dating forum where users can write about their encounter with their precious beau aka Upgraded Female Account. 

Providers and hobbyists can't view their previous reviews created before the shutdown; however, the client's recommendation about the provider can be seen. This is a plus for ECCIE refugees who relied on their reviews. (and also worked hard for them!)

Clients are welcome to list acronyms within their encounter report as well.


No nudity.

No acronyms.

No prices.

I know I'm missing a bunch, but those are the important ones!

Strong Opinions

Of course many are upset, mainly providers, about the new rules. 

eccie won't last

Many have voiced that ECCIE's new climate won't withstand for long. 

time will tell

Yes, the rules are pretty drastic, but no one knows the future of ECCIE's existence for sure. 

I think many will use some of the new websites that have launched. Once ECCIE gets a bit more settled in, and everyone knows what the fuck is going on, I think it'll last. Again, I just don't think it'll have as much notoriety due to the formation of other venues during its absence. 

Dating Site with Sex Ads



I understand ECCIE is trying to adapt a new structure due to the recent legislation and all, but damn.

Our home 2

OH2 was the target for displaced ECCIE refugees.

While dozens scrambled back to ECCIE when it returned, some stayed on Our Home 2. 

Makeshift Forum

I love our little janky forum.

Providers can post ads everyday.

During ECCIE's absence, OH2 was helpful for providers when they would alert about suspicious dudes to other providers.

boring but it works

Although there's barely any epic drama on OH2, the forum is a nice advertising venue, and it's a helpful tool for screening for providers.

escort client community information exchange

People in the “sex-positive” community might see ECCIE and similar sites as a way to self-police the sex industry. Others, who may be more concerned with women’s issues, might recoil in distaste at people reviewing women’s bodies like one reviews a restaurant burger. For now, ECCIE remains just legal enough to survive.
— Jerome London, Thought Catalog